Emmons Jewelry Co. & Sarah Coventry

The Emmons Jewelry Co. & Sarah Coventry. Lyman K. Stuart, son of Charles H. Stuart, founded Emmons Home Fashions in 1948, naming the company in honor of his mother, Caroline Emmons Stuart. Soon afterwards, the company's name was changed to Emmons Jewelry, Inc. 

Sarah Coventry jewelry was introduced not long after the Emmons brand was born, and both lines were sold at home parties. The newer line's name honored Lyman Stuart's granddaughter, Sarah Coventry Beale (although some references claim that Sarah was his daughter). Coventry jewelry was typically less expensive than the Emmons-branded designs.

Emmons contracted with jewelry manufacturers to provide the styles the company felt its customers would purchase. Jewelry for both brands was often sold in matching sets, such as a coordinating necklace, bracelet and earrings. Sarah Coventry jewelry was most popular during the 1950s and 1960s, and continued to be offered at home parties for a few years after Emmons 1981 bankruptcy.